Solo Verses Team Truck Driving

There are plenty of jobs out there for qualified and experienced truck drivers. Trucking companies compete for the best truck drivers. For many the issues comes down to whether you drive solo or if you drive in a team. There are pros and cons to both. Hopefully this article will help you decide what is best for you.

Many people have veered towards team truck driving jobs from Solo truck driving because of the idea that the team can run more hours by switching drivers back and forth. This way they don’t have to stop for hours-of-service regulations.

This is great in theory, but make sure you get along with your team partner first. There has to be trust and compatibility. Think about it. Teams share all responsibilities, the cab, and sleep time gets traded back and forth.

A lot of team truck drivers are married. Married couples get along great and it allows them to see the country together. In fact, they are some the more successful trucking teams on the road. A lot of these teams are successful because they get along. For any driving teams, getting alone is an important key.

There are some items that need to be mentioned. Team truck drivers are most often paid by the mile. This means that they split the pay in half, unlike solo drivers that receive full payment themselves. Solo truck drivers also don’t have to sleep while the truck is moving. That can be an important factor in choosing between the two.

Teams make more money than solo drivers when the drivers are strong and the freight is steady. So, if your carrier gives you enough consistent freight and you get along with your partner, you can make more money as a team driver. But be sure to balance out the plus and minus of both sides when making a decision about a truck driving job.